Open Mind

2006 to 2008
PVC, bronze, metal and glass
92 x 126 x 126 cm

The image of a Brain was carved in a volume of PVC, creating the design of a maze. The sculpture functions like a model for a public art project. The idea is to create an architectural space, wich is opened to the access of any class of spectator from any kind of background (political, race, religion, culture etc... ). "Open Mind" is a project to build an underground park made with walls, constructing a labyrinth similar to the human brain and stimulating meditation while you walk through. There will be grass around the underground labyrinth and on top of the walls.

The project is ideal for an urban space, where the surrounding buildings allow one to view the people from above and look at them walking inside, like neurons moving and carrying information. lnside the installation, it will be minimal furniture. Meditative music, coming from the walls of the labyrinth, helps to create an environment of relaxation.

Human beings, like a neuron in possession of knowledge and information, become metaphors of our mind and our behavior. The urban characteristics of the work and the sense of transit intend to transmit an allegory about acceptance and the need for human reflection of contemporary urban life. A detail of the piece shows that one of the walls of the maze has the shape of the Cuban map and it could bring about interpretations about the situation of today´s cuban context; but mainly, the work is a reflection about the human need towards tolerance and open-mindedness in a global world.